Soduto for macOS allows your computer to communicate and share information with other devices*: Android, Linux or other Macs. Want to copy-paste content across your devices? Browse remote files? Send SMS straight from the desktop? Or maybe simply share a link? All of this and more is possible with Soduto - securely and effortlessly! Check it out:

* Appropriate software needs to be installed on all involved devices: Soduto on macOS or KDE Connect on Linux and Android

Security First. Soduto is made to be as secure as possible by embracing an open peer-to-peer networking protocol and various built-in macOS security features. We know how important your personal information is to you.

Share with ease. Share your content between devices without hassle by using different methods for different situations.

Clipboard without boundaries. Share clipboard content across all your devices. You will forget that they are different devices.

Your phone brought closer. Receive call and SMS notifications on your computer. Send SMS straight from the desktop. Don’t waste your time checking your phone so often.

Even more features. To learn more about Soduto, take a look at a full list of implemented functionality here.